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Secure great prices and help to maintain healthy fish stocks!


As a responsible fish merchants - we like to make sure our customers know the opportune times to buy our fish. It's better for both securing great prices and helping to maintain healthy fish stocks!

We have created a chart showing when each fish species is at its best to buy – and most readily available. The majority of the time, we can get hold of ANY type of fish you require almost any day of the year. For example – Plaice is readily available all year round – but as the chart shows – the best time to buy plaice is between May & October. This is when its at its fullest, has least roe and is a fantastic price!

Every year we tend to see slight alterations in availability – this can be effected by changes in the weather. For example, strong winds may mean fishermen aren’t able to go to sea – therefore effecting the availability. However, this chart is a good base for what you can expect. 

Please note we have the following farmed fish available all year round:
– Bass
– Gilt-Head Bream
– Salmon
– Trout
– Halibut
– Turbot
– Tuna
– Swordfish

If you have any questions about the latest changes in fish availability please call us on 
01752 898684 for today’s availability.